Storytelling Book

Alastair K Daniel


Starting from the question ‘what is a story?’, Storytelling across the Primary Curriculum leads the reader through the theory and practise of storytelling as an educational method – a method taught by the author over the last ten years through Primary English teaching programmes.

This practical book gives teachers the skills and confidence to use storytelling and the spoken word in new and exciting ways in the classroom. It will also help them to ‘put down the book’ and trust themselves to tell, rather than read, a story. It provides a wealth of examples of cross-curricular teaching opportunities, including a section on the ways in which the teaching of phonics can be embedded in the ‘real’ language of story.

Storytelling across the Primary Curriculum is ideal for trainee and practising primary school teachers who want to develop their classroom practice within the field of storytelling. Students on BA Primary, BEd, and PGCE courses, particularly those specialising in English, will also benefit from this book’s stimulating and intuitive approach to teaching English language and literacy.

Alastair K. Daniel has more than twenty years’ experience in education as a teacher and storyteller. Having previously taught Primary English at Kingston University, he is now Senior Lecturer in Language and Literacy in Education at London Metropolitan University.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Although the book is primarily directed towards teachers in English primary schools, the techniques explored in Storytelling across the primary curriculum were central to Alastair’s practice for twelve years as a storyteller in schools in Belgium and the Netherlands – techniques introduced to teachers in school-based training sessions, and lectures for the Universities of Antwerp and Leuven.

In Storytelling across the primary curriculum Alastair places narrative and the imagination at the heart of language exploration. He suggests that humans respond naturally to story, and that oral narratives therefore provide a readily understood and meaningful context in which to learn English.

Storytelling across the primary curriculum, (Routledge 2011)

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Reviews of ‘Storytelling across the primary curriculum’

...a very useful text as it gathers together different theoretical approaches to storytelling and provides a useful framework supported by lots of examples of how it works in practice and how it can be applied to develop new material. I recommend this to both teachers and storytellers.

Janet Dowling (Surrey Storytellers’ Guild)

This short book is a lively read and a valuable resource for both the primary and the English teacher... tempting and daring the reader to take up the challenge and realize some of the benefits and the impacts of telling rather than reading stories in the classroom.

English Drama Media (the journal of the National Association of the Teachers of English) June 2012