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If credence can be given to the definition of storytelling by Vivian Gussin Paley (teaching pioneer) as ‘the social art of language’, the telling of stories must at the heart of teaching and learning for both children and adults. Whilst a wide range of courses in the craft of storytelling are offered around the country, these tend to be either skills based or related to therapeutic purposes (psychological, personal growth or ecological). By contrast, the Post-Graduate Certificate course at Winchester aims to make explicit the links between teaching, learning, storytelling and narrative in order to enhance the professional practice of those who work in the educational sphere.

The course provides an opportunity, at the same time as developing practical storytelling skills, to:

The course is aimed at all those engaged in teaching and learning (including school teachers, teachers of English as a Foreign Language, ministers of religion, children and youth workers, historic site/museum/art gallery guides and education officers, and prison education officers).

Seminars and lectures will take place during weekends at the King Alfred’s Campus of the University of Winchester (see map below). For international students (specifically teachers of English as a foreign language), some sessions will take place at a suitable location in continental Europe.

   Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Educational Studies: STORYTELLING

Examining Professional Practice - Storytelling  (20 M Level credits)  

 To develop understanding of the processes of oral  storytelling;

 to explore the breadth of applications of storytelling within  learning contexts;

 to develop a critical appreciation of narrative thinking.
4000 word assignment exploring storytelling and learning.
Storytelling in EFL teaching

 To develop understanding of the processes of oral  storytelling;

 to develop a critical appreciation of narrative thinking;

 to explore the ways in which story provides a context for  the oral patterning of language.
4000 word assignment exploring storytelling and language learning.
Developing Pedagogy and Learning: storytelling (40 M Level credits)  
Storytelling in Performance

 to develop key skills in oral storytelling including story  adaptation and representation.

 to engage in personal reflection on development as a  storyteller
Evidence of a storytelling
Performance and a 2000 word
Storytelling in Context

 To critically apply storytelling to the learning context  within which the student works.
Medium term plan / resource and a 2000 word critique.  

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King Alfred’s Campus

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Dr Alastair K Daniel