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On this page you will find links to Alastair's blog, Talking Storytelling. On this page, the blogs are organised according to theme, to go to a chronological list click HERE. Please note, that as this is a blog, rather than a single text, and views and ideas have developed over the period of their writing. 

Folk and Fairy Tales in the Classroom: the ‘coin and currency of culture’ – Part 1 (of 3) March 2019
Storytelling Performance Part 1: Storytelling and theatre - an introductory discussion August 2018
Storytelling Performance Part 3a: Engagement strategies in performance storytelling - Introduction February 2019
Blog - Storytelling Performance 4a - Role
Storytelling spaces: teller and audience March 2018
Oxford Storytelling Festival – A Personal Review September 2018
Storytelling and Narrative Art June 2018
Fairy and Folk Tales in the Classroom Part 2
Link to Blog: Developing a critical approach part 4
Storytelling Performance Part 2: A Framework February 2019
Storytelling Performance Part 3b - Verbal engagement strategies in performance storytelling April 2019
Storytelling Performance Part 4b - Role
Story memorisation – to learn or not to learn word-for-word April 2018
Festival At The Edge 2018 - a personal review July 2018
 Storytelling Performance Part 3c - Non-verbal engagement strategies in performance storytelling
Storytelling presence and performance energy May 2018